Thursday, April 23, 2009

Introducing our family

Our family is small but full of
love. Thomas and I have 2 of the best kids anyone could ask for and I might add CUTEST kids :) but then again I am biased lol. Mason Cole is 18 months and such a love bug. He is
probably one of the sweetest kids u will meet especially at his age. He constantly gives everyone hugs...and i really mean EVERYONE. I don't think its so cute that he wants to hug complete strangers but he really is sweet. :P Who knows if it is just a phase or not but we continue to love it!! He is very smart and u give him anything electronic and he takes about 5.2 seconds to figure it out lol...which at times is frustrating when he knows how to turn on his own movies or tries to play daddys game haha. He doesnt talk besides his babble but HE knows what he is saying and thats all that matters :)
Josslyn is our newest addition. She is just over 3 weeks old and she is such a good lil baby. She was born on the 31st of March and Mason cant get enough of her for sure and neither can we. She is already starting to "chunk out" lol but how cute is a chubby baby hehe. We are so looking forward to seeing her and Mason play together and when she is big enough im sure she is gonna be a handful as well. But we wanted them to be close in age and thats why we had them close together.I think ill enjoy her as a baby as much as I can cuz I know she will be chasing her brother before we know it!

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